Legendary actress Jackée Harry uses her role in a new film to speak out against abusive relationships. Harry stars in the new Lifetime movie Every Breath She Takes, centered on the turmoil of a relationship plagued with domestic violence. 

Shadow and Act shared the film’s plot in an exclusive trailer peek: “Jules Baker (Tamala Jones) thinks her problems are over when her abusive husband Billy (Brian White) dies after a struggle and fire that destroys their house. … As Jules begins to rebuild her life, dark rumors haunt her when she hears whispers around town that she is “the one that killed her husband.” Things take a turn for the worse, and police begin to question her relentlessly. Detective Walker (Tisha Campbell) insinuates that all signs say Jules was behind the fire. Is her past coming back to burn her?” 

The Sister, Sister star shared a snippet from a recent interview with the film’s cast. She said during the interview that she hopes the film will address the ‘”shame and guilt” that keeps those in abusive relationships from speaking out. 

Harry acknowledged the powerful mental and emotional hold that abusive relationships could have on victims. “It takes courage to admit that you have been abused,” she said. 

“I’m a very strong woman. Even if you look at me like you’re gon’ to hit me, it’s over. You know, I walk out the door,” Harry said.

The Emmy-winning actress continued by noting that her strength to walk from abusive situations is something she wants to model for her loved ones.

“I wanna raise my, you know, kids and grandkids to have that strength,” she said.

Harry noted that working up the courage to leave an abusive relationship is nothing that should be taken lightly. “It takes courage to admit that you have been abused,” the actress said.

“You know, a lot of people are ashamed of it, and that’s what we have to get rid of: the shame and the guilt that you stayed in a relationship.”

She pointed out the harsh truth that “you can love someone who abuses you.”

The actress mentioned that women’s responsibilities and burdens are sometimes enough to keep them in unhealthy relationships.

The 66-year-old actress admitted, “I used to think that women couldn’t do it all, and I’m just learning that we can. But it takes an extra effort, and the extra effort is to educate your man or your woman — ‘I don’t want to be treated this way, and if you’re going to continue, let’s get some help.'”

She shared the post on Instagram to support those who come to you for help to leave their situation.

“It takes courage to admit that you’ve been abused. So listen to those who lean on you for support! Our new movie #EveryBreatheSheTakes shows the lengths some abusers will go through to maintain a hold over somebody and how important trust and communication can be to getting that somebody out of a bad situation,” she captioned her post.

Harry is a recurring character on NBC’s long-running soap opera Days of Our Lives.

She portrays Paulina Price, who has a history with an abusive husband.