We have an extra special edition of “when life imitates art” today!

The Denzel Washington-helmed film Antwone Fisher is certainly one of those films that hits you right in the feels, and Derek Luke’s vulnerable performance is one that is cemented in our memories.

One particular man, James Cotten, not only felt the emotions, but was inspired to take action.

The autobiographical film follows U.S. Navy sailor Fisher's journey to reconnect with his mother after suffering a traumatic past, one that included foster home abuse.

The film had such an impact on 39-year-old diversity sourcing specialist Cotten that he decided to forward with the adoption process himself.

"When I saw that movie, it was very touching," Cotten told ABC News. "So it was really heartbreaking for me to even watch that [film]. To think there were people that didn't necessarily have a family was very heartbreaking. Outside of church, I've never felt like I've been ministered to."

After three years of waiting, Cotten was blessed with a call about a 3-year-old boy with autism named Caleb.

"Because of his profile, most households [couldn't take in] an autistic kid with screaming bouts. Once I realized they didn't have a place to put him, he just stayed, and we just figured it out.” noted Cotten.

On April 28, ten months after fostering the little boy, it was official: Cotten confirmed his adoption of Caleb. They announced the momentous occasion on Facebook, with a photograph that went viral: Caleb holding a sign that read, "Today is my last day in foster care because I'm being adopted!"

This past Father’s Day was extra special for the single dad, as it was his first. "I'm looking forward to PTA meetings. I'm looking forward to school projects. I'm looking forward to helping out with school plays and dance class," he said. "I'm looking forward to providing as much exposure as possible."

"I was blessed as a kid to have the ability to go to other countries [and] dance classes thanks to my mom. And now that my mom is gone, I really look forward to giving him those experiences that my mom gave me," Cotten said.