Jamie Foxx’s plays Electro/MaxwellMaxDillon, the villain in the upcoming sequel to The Amazing Spiderman.

I really didn’t care for the first film in this reboot; frankly, I wasn’t keen on a Spiderman reboot so soon after the last film in Sam Raimi’s trilogy, which was terrible. Give other superheroes their own movies, and stop recycling the same ones over and over. The superhero universe is deep!

I didn’t watch the last Spiderman flick in theaters; instead I saw it as a rental at home. But with Jamie Foxx as Electro in the next one, I just might see it in theaters.

You’ve seen photos of Jamie Foxx in makeup as both Electro and Maxwell Dillon; on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno last night, Jamie gave audiences a sample of Electro’s voice, which is both exactly what you’d expect it to be, and not at all like anything you thought it would be. 

By the way, Electro’s superhero villain abilities includes being able to store, project, and manipulate electricity with his body, as well as manipulate magnetic fields. Not only can he fly, but he can also travel along electricity lines and through electrical appliances!

Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone are returning with Marc Webb (who tweeted the above) returning to the director’s chair as well.

Avi Arad and Matt Tolmach are producing the sequel.

The Amazing Spider-Man 2, which will be in 3D, is set to be released on May 2, 2014.