The marketing campaign for Quentin Tarantino's highly-anticipated Django Unchained continues in bits and pieces, leading up to that first trailer, which will reportedly be attached to prints of Prometheus (which opens this Friday, June 8). 

Don't be surprised if it turns up online before then.

In a new interview with Empire MagazineJamie Foxx says that, as Django's quest is really to find and reconnect with his wife Broomhilda (Kerry Washington), by defeating Calvin Candie (Leonardo DiCaprio), the film's resident villain, who runs Candyland, where Broomhilda and other female slaves are sexually exploited, Foxx believes Django Unchained is a love story at the heart of it all:

"The one thing that stuck out to me in the script was that Django got married. Back then to be married was taboo. You could be killed… The strongest buck would mate with the strongest black woman so they could get stronger slaves. They didn't want black people married. So Django being married was a big thing for me. This is a love story. He's not trying to stop slavery. He's not trying to do anything but find the love of his life – which is like trying to find a needle in a world of haystacks."

Writer/director Tarantino adds in the interview that audiences will definitely be uncomfortable with the racism depicted in the movie, but he believes that it was important to show how "f****d-up" America used to be, stating:

"[The racism] is what I wanted to deal with and that's the reason to do it. It's not to avoid it, it's absolutely to deal with that. Show how America was back then and how f****d-up we were."

Based on the poll Tambay posted up about 2 weeks ago, it appears that many of you are curious about the film, but with some trepidation. You want to see it, but you have some concerns for how Tarantino will portray this era and the people who lived in it. There were also a number of you who have absolutely no interest in seeing it,

And I'm not sure if either of the above comments will do much to change any expectations.

If you didn't see them, here are more photos from the film, featuring Jamie Foxx as the titular Django, as well as Christoph Waltz as Dr King Schultz, and Leonardo DiCaprio as plantation master and resident villain Calvin Candie.