nullRemember comic Jamie Kennedy? He was hot for maybe 5 out of his allotted 15 minutes of fame. But he's been in a ton of movies (71 to date according to IMDB), including, even Tyler Perry's Good Deeds.

But what I remember the most was the TV comedy series he did ten years ago – The Jamie Kennedy Experiment.

That was the show on which Kennedy would put on different disguises and outfits, and would basically punk unsuspecting real people with some nonsense.

Well, just to show that old ideas don't die, they just get re-cycled, Kennedy is now starring in a new web series for Alphabird called Kennedy's Court, which premieres this Wednesday.

The premise is that Kennedy, in various disguises, poses as a TV judge to fool unsuspecting real plaintiffs and defendants into some nonsense.

Among the various judges Kennedy plays is a black judge in blackface makeup. I guess he could have played an Asian judge, but I suppose that would have been considered too offensive. In fact Kennedy's black judge will be the first episode of the series, in which he tricks two former roommates in court who are fighting over a stolen bike.

Here's short video preview of the series. But the question, as always, still remains… will you be watching?