Congresswoman Jasmine Crockett slammed Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas for his “corrupt” ways as it was revealed that he’s received nearly $4.2 million in presents.

According to Black Enterprise, during an interview focused on the Supreme Court’s recent decision to repeal the ban on bump stock with MSNBC’s Melissa Murray, the Dallas U.S. Representative didn’t hold back her feelings about it and Thomas’ role in it. Due to the new ruling, the standard stock is allowed, which permits a rifle gun “to slide back and forth rapidly.” The gun accessory also takes on “the energy from the kickback shooters feel when the weapon fires” per the New York Times. This has caused controversy because this part was used by murderers involved in some of America’s most fatal mass shootings.

Since Thomas is the person who wrote the 6-3 majority opinion piece on June 14, Crockett didn’t hesitate to include him in the conversation as she believes his gifts are attributed to the choices he’s made while being a sitting judge.

“Y’all were too nice before. Clarence Thomas is corrupt. End of story,” the 43-year-old said during the segment. “No one gets this kind of money and isn’t influenced in any way. There will absolutely be a reckoning on November 5.”

Thomas said that the federal government’s original decision against the use of the extra attachment “stretched the law too far.”

“We conclude that a semiautomatic rifle equipped with a bump stock is not a ‘machine gun’ because it does not fire more than one shot ‘by a single function of the trigger,’” the opinion noted.

This isn’t the first time the Georgia native has been criticized for receiving expensive gifts. In 2023, he was called out for the very same things once it was discovered that Harlan Crow, GOP super donor and billionaire, was one of the gifters. Things heated up more this month when Senate Judiciary Chair Dick Durbin (D-Ill.) shared proof that the Yale Law School alumni hid that Crow sponsored some of his luxurious vacations. In addition, the documents exposed he was the only judge to receive almost $4.2 million in gifts, a significant difference in the amount other justices were gifted.

The total amount of 103 items Thomas allegedly received from 2004 to 2023 is equivalent to more than $2.4 million while his colleagues combined only got 93 gifts totaling $248,000 during the same timeframe, CNBC reported. What’s interesting is that the majority of the funds were allegedly allotted to Justice Samuel Alito; he enjoyed 16 gifts valued at $170,095.

When these claims were brought to the forefront, attorney Ellio S. Berke who represents Thomas said his client hadn’t done anything wrong since everything he’s been given can be constituted under the “personal hospitality exemption,” meaning there was no reason he needed to inform his peers about the trips.