With smoldering eyes, untamed locks and a body that appears to be chiseled from stone, Jason Momoa is hard to miss on screen. What’s more, he presents an almost uncanny fit for his roles in Game
Thrones, Aquaman and SEE, a series launched on Apple TV+ last year. Still, the fantasy-genre actor reveals in his 2016 documentary, Jason Momoa: Canvas Of My Life, that his children are his greatest work.

“I always wanted to be a father,” he narrates. “But never in my life, did I ever think I would be an actor.”

Meet Momoa’s kids: Nakoa-Wolf, 11, Lola, 12, and, of course,  Zoe “Zozo Bear” Kravitz, his stepdaughter by way of his marriage to iconic actress Lisa Bonet

1. Momoa calls stepdaughter Zoe Kravitz "Zozo Bear."

In his brief autobiography, the Game Of Thrones star personifies his love of acting, saying "she" cornered him 18 years ago when she seduced him. But being a dad, he narrates in the film, is something he’s wanted “ever since [he] was a little boy.” And he thanks wife Bonet for it:

“My muse. The love of my life. My partner in crime. My wife gave me three beautiful, feral kids: Zozo Bear, Lola Bear, my lovie, and The Wolf. And with them, my dreams finally came true: I’m a father. I found my place, my home,” he says in the documentary. “Like any father, we want our children to see us doing what we love.”

2. Last year, Nakoa-Wolf joined Momoa in protest.

In his documentary, the native Hawaiian explains the vital importance of keeping his children grounded.

“To learn respect for our natural resources, because if they can admire nature’s truest colors, they can see the beauty in all things,” the actor said.  

Naturally, the father of three has done all he can to pass on his values, with defending the fate of the island standing chief among them. Born in Honolulu to a native Hawaiian father and mother of mixed descent, Momoa returned to the island with his children in tow, where they joined in protests of construction atop Mauna Kea, a space considered sacred ground by natives, CNN reports

3. Nakao-Wolf and Lola love the outdoors, just like their dad.

In the short documentary, Momoa explains that it was his mother who introduced him to skateboarding and rock climbing as a child. Today, he says, those lessons illuminate even greater truths with his own children.

“I decided to surround my children with who I am, all my art forms … If I teach them to skate, then they can surf or snowboard — ultimate balance, bold and brave in any terrain,” Momoa reflects. “If I teach them to climb, they can push themselves to their limits, and gracefully move through fear and doubt.” 

4. The kids are Momoa’s preferred Insta content.

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going on stage and yelling love love LOVE with my baby boy and pantera. aka @philiphanselmo and the illegals my mind was blown FUCKIN BLOWN. i was living out my childhood dreams. i am so thankful for those moments shared with dear friends and my babies. it’s crazy to think of slayer and anthrax and metallica as ohana but they are love u guys. and to finally meet les claypool was legendary PRIMUS. RHCP AND RAGE was what i grew up on skateboarding and DROGO wouldn’t exist if there wasn’t @panteraofficial love ya phil. i’ve trained and bleed and fought my way to where i am. listening to these legends mahalo nui for your music and endless inspiration. slayers last show on tour. what a fucking night. love you @garyholt_official @tomarayaofficial paul and kerry @slayerbandofficial mahalo for having da momoas. babies i hope you remember these moments with your papa forever back to work. aloha j

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5. Lola and Nakoa-Wolf pay homage to their Polynesian roots.

In “Dedicated to Polynesia,” a video posted to his YouTube account, the Aquaman actor commemorates all Polynesian people, who he says must remember they are “connected by water ..all one tribe.” In the video, Momoa leads a group in the Haka, a traditional dance, and is eventually replaced at the helm by daughter Lola, who leads the group with her brother Nakoa-Wolf. Momoa captured Lola’s moment on Instagram with a heartfelt caption.

“Many people see our islands in the pacific as isolated rocks separated by a vast and lonely ocean. But we Polynesians have always known the ocean doesn’t separate us, it connects us, as it does every land mass in the world," he wrote. "I am proud to be Aquaman and be here amongst so many people who live to honor the land and sea.”