Many things can be said about the problematic Jason Whitlock. We're not sure if he uses his stance as a gimmick to keep him relevant (because who cares what Jason Whitlock thinks at a time like this, TBH), or if this is just how he really is. Either way it goes, he may have crossed the line with his last stunt. 

Yesterday, he posted a picture on Twitter after filming Speak For Yourself, the sports segment that he co-hosts. In the picture, he's standing next to a white man in a faux afro with his fist in the air. He is wearing a number 7 49ers jersey that is notably Kaepernick's last jersey. 

Photo: Giphy

As soon as the pic was posted, Twitter was promptly on Whitlock's case about it.

Jason responded to one tweet by saying that the impersonator is not white as if that makes it better.

At the end of the day, Whitlock does work for Fox Sports. So if he sold his soul in the process, who's really surprised? However, he also has a long history. He became infamous nationally during the Don Imus Rutgers scandal when he blamed hip-hop for his saying the “nappy headed hoe” comment.   

He's gone on to constantly criticize black athletes. He's even gone as far as calling Serena Williams "fat and lazy" like he has the credibility to say such a thing. In the past year, he's been highly critical and borderline obsessed with Colin Kaepernick. His latest stunt just shows how much. 

Update, 9.6.17, 7:00 pm EST:

Plot twist! The mock Colin Kaepernick was actually Kid from Kid 'n Play, also known as Christopher Reid. TMZ made the discovery not too long after the image was posted. However, this isn't much of a consolation according to Black Twitter: 

Welp, looks like the house party is cancelled.