Jayda Cheaves gave some insight into what her current love life is like while on her friend YouTuber Zias’ channel. The Atlanta native cleared up her rumored pregnancy and discussed her views on love. During the brief interview, Cheaves admitted to taking her ex back again after multiple cheating allegations.

The relationship’s rekindling resulted in her not being active on social media because she was “consumed” with making it work.

“I just had took a break off the internet; I really went missing for a good little minute,” she said. “And you know how you just get in a relationship, and you just like, well, I don’t know if you know, but girls, we get in relationships, and we just forget about ourselves.”

“We totally just fall off the face of the earth because we so consumed in a relationship,” she added. “And that is where I was at in my life, and I got super duper consumed to the point. Now it’s like, I’m back free.”

Cheaves said she went in head first with her long-time boyfriend despite the infidelity, according to HotNewHipHop. Making a joke out of being “shot” in the heart, she admitted that using humor in unpleasant times is a coping mechanism.

“Yeah, I, like, gave my relationship another shot, and it shot me. No, it’s really not funny. I’m laughing. That’s a trauma response, but yeah,” Cheaves added.

Despite the heartbreak, Cheaves is not done with love yet. She told Zias that although she’s not actively pursuing it, she’s ready for love at the right time.

“Right now, I’m just single. I’m just chilling. I’m outside. I’m chilling. I’m having a ball with my friends. That’s all that matters to me and being a good mom, working on my business,” she said.

“But as far as the relationship, because I am the type of girl when I’m in a relationship, I get so invested into the relationship to where I’d be, like, forgetting about me,” she added.

Zias was surprised by the relationship reveal and initially thought Cheaves was referring to a new partner but quickly realized she was talking about Lil Baby.

Cheaves is best known for having a child, 4-year-old Loyal Armani, with the Atlanta rapper.