Canton hip-hop artist
Jean P The MC has been making records for the past eight years. Collaboration projects, mixtapes, albums, live shows, he’s done it all. But what motivates this Ohio emcee? Son of Sherrie
 is half album/half personal documentary, and when put together, it's a beautiful ode to Jean’s mother Sherrie

The album opens up with "Crown" and Jean thanking God for another day as he’s heading to work. This sets the stage for where this project plans to go lyrically. This is grown man rap. It's a project from an emcee who’s learned more about friendships, relationships, obtaining success and everything in between. Jean begins rapping and lacing together the metaphor of him being a king. The track ends and we’re met with Jean’s cousin, who speaks on our main character Sherrie and the impact she had on her and her family

We’re getting the story from a man who’s still young and progressing through life trying to figure it out. We’ve been learning about Jean’s experience through his past couple projects
, but with Son of Sherrie, he’s on the other side and reflecting on what those experiences taught him. On “Yesterday,” Jean talks about what’s he’s been through and how he’s garnered more accolades than one might believe. Lines like “
thought my peers would still love me and be proud of my success/but life got real and some could care less/Instead they asking me how much money do I make, is this a hobby or for real cuz it’s hard to catch a breakhave
to be relatable to the listener. Especially in an age when we’re still growing as people and are somehow expected to have all the answers

It only shows up as a main theme in two tracks, but there is a common theme of love on this record. Whether in the form of parental love, love we seek in friendships and relationships, the theme is heard throughout. We have tracks like “I Could” that have Jean romancing a woman with flowers, dates and more. The romancing continues on the intro to “Houston,” where Jean and his love interest are about to get hot and heavy. Jean explained in our interview that creating “Houston,” “was special. It was symbolic as 'let me take you out of this world. To the moon, stars and above.'" Jean creates the imagery talking about the process of courting, he even doles out clever one-liners to impress this woman

What brings this record to life are the interludes throughout the record. After certain tracks, we get voicemails or conversations pertaining to Jean’s mother Sherrie. My personal favorite was the introduction on “50 Grand.” The person speaking was Sherrie’s best friend talking about
how good friends are respectful and to give all people a chance. Everything from anecdotes to life lessons, it’s clear Sherrie left her footprint in many lives. It can be felt throughout this album

Son of Sherrie
 is a beautifully constructed ode to a woman I feel like I know better because of this album. The tunes that surround the interludes show a man who has grown and wants to pass the lessons he learned from Sherrie to his son. The production on this record is simple because it isn’t meant to be the main star on the album. Same with Jean. Although he does rap and is showcasing his talent and skill, he is really just shining the light and honoring his mother, Sherrie

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