Jessie T. Usher‘s A-Train was pushed to new heights on season 3 of Prime Video’s The Boys.

The fastest of the Supes has always been quick to make rash decisions and has reneged on folks a few times (sorry, Starlight).

But it all comes crumbling down this season when he realizes that he can’t really be who he needs to be within this current structure. Shadow and Act spoke with Usher for the finale and he spoke about the change in A-Train and what to hopefully expect in season 4.

S&A: Did you know you always wanted to play a superhero and if so, did you think it would be on an irreverent, bloody show like this?

JTH: I definitely didn’t think that I would ever be on a show like this, but I did have a desire to play a superhero. It’s just like a childhood thing, a dream of mine. I didn’t know what hero, but there’s always kind of been buzz going around on Twitter. There are always these things being posted up about like, ‘Oh, we would love to see Jessie play this character or that character.’ And I’m like, ‘Ooh, that would be fun.’ So, it’s been good. I never thought it would play out like this, but I actually am very grateful that it did. 

What was it like having A-Train, a character who often thinks primarily of himself, think about the greater good this season?

JTH: It was nice to see that transition. And it worked in a way that I – knowing A-Train the way that I do – it worked in a way that I believed it. There were so many ideas being thrown around. There were all these things, even thoughts in my own head about like, how do we get A-Train on the right path? And I think the answer from The Boys was, we don’t. We try to, but we don’t. We put him in every scenario where we hope and wish and pray that he is going to do the right thing. But he just doesn’t until he loses control. And that the problem for him is that he’s always his biggest own worst enemy. So until he was able to lose control, now we’re finally able to believe that he sees things from a different perspective. And that’s kind of where we are right now. 

We almost see A-Train reach a breaking point this season — what do you think led up to everything crashing down like this?

JTH: I just think it was everything. His only last source of unconditional love was his brother. And now his brother doesn’t love him anymore. So like he has nothing. He doesn’t have his identity like who he is. He’s A-Train, the fastest man alive. He is the speedster. Without that, he had nothing. He had no identity. He had no position. No respect. No nothing. He lost it all, and he confronted Blue Hawk to I guess feel better about himself. You wanted to make him pay for us, but I don’t think he ever intended on killing him. He certainly didn’t expect to take it as far as having a heart attack himself in the process. But it was just losing everything that made him lose himself and then he left laid out flat on the pavement after the heart attack. And then waking up from that was his second chance, his first-ever second chance the first time he’s ever actually been able to see past himself. It’s just unfortunate that it comes with a very heavy price. And I just I’m dying to see how that’s going to work. 

The Boys is a show that has always aimed to be topical and kind of hold a light to society. How important do you feel that is not only for the show but for you as an actor as well?

JTH: It’s the most important aspect of the show. Yes, it’s fun to be a superhero and do really crazy stuff and like blow stuff up. And as an actor, it is amazing to be doing things that have never been done on television and film before. We do a lot of really creative, innovative, wild, crazy stuff, and that’s fun, but it’s not as important as what you just say. This show has meaning. This show has depth. This show is a way for everyone involved to speak and say what we actually feel and what we actually mean without fear because we get to explore these things on a super level that finally people can like hear it and see it and understand what it is that we’re saying because we get to build these moments up to be larger than life. And I’m just thankful for that. It’s not often that these types of projects come around and the fact that I’m involved in it is a dream come true. 

With Season 4 already confirmed, where do you think A-Train’s story goes next? Could he follow Starlight’s lead and rebel?

JTH: I don’t know. I’m going to tell you to keep it real with you. Don’t tell anybody, I said it. But I think that there is a third team that can be formed, and I think A-Train would be a part of it because I don’t see him staying involved and being a part of their initiative. I do not see him joining The Boys either.

Season 3 of The Boys is now streaming on Prime Video.