John Boyega and Michael K. Williams face off in a tense hostage negotiation scene from the upcoming film, Breaking. It is Williams’ final film before his untimely death in September 2021. The film will release nationwide Aug. 26.

In the clip below, Brian Brown-Easley (Boyega) is being talked to by detective Eli Bernard (Williams) in the hopes that Brian will let one of the hostages go. While the scene itself is tense, it’s a great opportunity to see Williams one last time in his element.

Shadow and Act reviewed the film during its run at Sundance, and praised it for Williams' performance.

‘Williams, in his last on-screen role, shines with material that isn’t fully fleshed out, showing his ability to pull emotion out of anything and imbue his character with the empathy and understanding only he could, delivering on much of what the film wants to do but just couldn’t quite get there,” he wrote Jamil David. His back and forths with Boyega, who is tethering on the on edge, while Williams is a calming force that knows his words carry weight, work well as both performers do their part in trying to elevate the thriller.”

According to the official description:

Breaking follows Boyega’s character, a Marine veteran who has been denied support from Veterans Affairs. “[F]inancially desperate and running out of options, he takes a bank and several of its employees hostage, setting the stage for a tense confrontation with the police.” The film is based on a true story and also stars Nicole Beharie, Connie Britton, Olivia Washington and Selenis Leyva. The film is directed by Abi Damaris Corbin and written by Corbin and Kwame Kwei-Armah.