John Boyega

What's this? @JBoyega starring as lead in the feature film Dream Collect in South Africa and also the executive producer?! #powwww

That was a tweet last night from John Boyega's manager in the UK, Femi Oguns. Nothing followed it, so I of course immediately asked Oguns for more details on this project, tagging Boyega as well, hoping one of them will respond.

But, as of this morning, still no reply. I doubt that I'll get one. So this is all we have to go on right now.

As the tweet states, Boyega will apparently be starring in and exec producing a South Africa-set feature film titled Dream Collect. I searched, using various combos, hoping that I'd find something online about this, but not a damn thing!

My guess is that this is a deal that was just put together, possibly even just last night, when Oguns posted the above tweet. But if I learn anything new about it, I'll certainly let you know.

It feels like it's been a while since we last saw Boyega on the big screen; although it was in the summer of 2011 when what would eventually become a cult-fave, Attack The Block, introduced him to Stateside audiences, with comparisons to Denzel Washington being made.

I think I speak for many when I say that there's an anticipation for what he's going to do next. Not that he hasn't done anything: there was the BBC3 docu-drama based on the on the 2008 murder of teenager Shakilus Townsend titled My Murder. I don't believe that ever traveled. Also, HBO shelved Da Brick, which was executive produced by Spike Lee, John Ridley, Doug Ellin and Mike Tyson, based on Tyson's life. And there's the film adaptation of celebrated author Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie's Orange Prize-winning novel, Half Of A Yellow Sun, which will be making its world premiere at  at FESPACO – the 23rd Festival Panafrican du Cinema et de la Television de Ouagadougou in Burkina Faso – this month. And finally, there was the indie sci-fi feature titled Creeping Zero, to be directed by Billy O'Brien. Last we wrote about that project, financing was in place, the film then in pre-production, and was scheduled to be shot in Hungary, starting last October.

It's not clear whether that happened. The project isn't listed on Boyega's IMDB page. In fact, it's not even on IMDB at all, which is odd. And a quick search didn't reveal anything new.

Maybe this post will help get me all the answers I need…