For days, millions of Americans have sat in front of their TV screens, laptops and smartphones constantly waiting for updates on the final results of the presidential election.

Due to the unprecedented nature of the election and the historic deluge of mail-in ballots, the counting has taken longer than usual. But the close nature of the race has left both sides eagerly checking vote counts by the hour.

The final states — Arizona, Nevada, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Alaska and Georgia — are slowly releasing updated vote counts.

But the one state that has caused the most surprise is Georgia, which has long been a bastion of support for Republicans. But due to the efforts of thousands of community leaders and activists, particularly Black women in the state, Democratic candidate for president Joe Biden is now narrowly leading in the state.

The vote count is so close that state officials have called for a recount of all votes, but the internet exploded with joy when Biden took a thousand-vote lead ahead of President Donald Trump.  

John Legend was among many who took delight in the state's shift toward blue. Legend has long been outspoken on matters of politics, including recently criticizing rappers who've shown support for Trump.