A recent thread of tweets was posted by one woman alleging that Olympic Gold medalist Simone Biles was rude to her during a recent encounter. Biles’ husband, Jonathan Owens, has come to his wife’s defense, saying the woman’s story is full of “lies.”

The woman asserted Biles was “so f***ing rude” when shopping at the store the women worked at. People reported that the 26-year-old allegedly turned down a picture with the employee’s four-year-old daughter.

“Simone Biles came into a makeup store I worked at with her now husband,” @ilekamays tweeted. “My coworkers daughter did gymnastics, so she politely asked for a picture with her during check out, and Simone said, ‘Absolutely not. Your daughter is 4 she doesn’t even know me.'”

The store employee additionally noted her encounter with Owens was pleasant but that Biles “was rude to the staff. We offered her help (as we do with everyone), and she said, ‘Do I look dumb?'” TheSpun reported.

The Green Bay Packer safety quickly reshared the tweets, shutting down any of the women’s claims. The 28-year-old explained people have the right to shop in peace and not be followed around for pictures.

“Spreading lies on the internet is crazy. It’s okay for her to deny a picture,” Owens wrote. “People don’t understand sometimes you just want to shop in peace; if she stops and takes one picture, people will just keep following her and won’t leave us alone.”

He additionally tweeted that his wife is one of the sweetest people he knows and has never witnessed her speak poorly to strangers.

“And another thing, I’ve never heard her talk to someone like that, especially to someone who asked her for a picture, like why would you try to make her look like that? She’s the sweetest person in the world. I just couldn’t let this go, especially if I was there like you said I was,” he tweeted.

The fan made their Twitter account private to hide their tweets, but Owens came threw with screenshot receipts.

“Here’s what was said for context since their tweets are private now, I’m not going for that; I don’t play bout my baby.” he tweeted.