Joseline Hernandez shared some personal news with concertgoers during a recent performance and received a standing ovation from the crowd.

The Love & Hip Hop alum was emotional in a video shared to Twitter after telling the audience it was the first time she performed sober in over a decade, Atlanta Black Star reported. 

“The reason why I’m so emotional, ’cause this is my first time that I’ve ever performed without any cocaine, without any pills,” Hernandez said in the 36-second clip. 

Hernandez was overwhelmed as she continued to share her story. The audience continued to applaud the 36-year-old and started chanting her name.

“This is the first time, in my 12 years of performing, that I’ve been on stage sober,” the “Puerto Rican Princess” said.

Hernandez has been in the spotlight for years and mentioned using drugs as a “shield” whenever she performed live. However, the reality star was happy to share she no longer relied on substances for protection.

“I don’t know if I was so scared to do without it because it was like, like my shield. But it’s like, I feel so much better without it,” Hernandez explained to the audience.

The Shade Room also shared the clip, with fans congratulating the musician for reaching an important milestone in her life.


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“I’m extremely proud of her!!! Today makes 3 years of me being clean so I understand y she is emotional,” one user said.

“Like her or not that’s not easy to admit too and substance abuse is no joke. I applaud her for standing in her truth,” another user said.

“So brave of her to admit this. Her truth will help someone to do the same!” a third user said.

In April, Blavity reported Hernandez was moved to tears after sharing how her former kindergarten teacher had influenced her life.

“You know, coming from Puerto Rico was super hard, not having nothing coming to America. I remember I had a kindergarten teacher that was very special to me. Hopefully, she sees this, but she told me something that I never forgot. She told me to just write.”