Along with the entertainment culture, daytime television has evolved from something that the matriarchs of the family would solely enjoy to entertainment for the entire family. Big networks have realized that to gain the viewership of millennials that choose to work from home and the [young] stay-at-home moms, they have to speak their language. Fox nailed it when they premiered The Real back in 2013. Since then, the cast has undergone some changes with the departure of Tamar Braxton-Hubert last season. Producers have since filled in Tamar's chair with revolving guest celebrities ranging from actors, musicians, models and entrepreneurs.

The one guest that has shocked the world and became a fan favorite is Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta's Joseline Hernandez. She is young, she brings a fresh perspective and is the definition of real. If you ask us, Joseline deserves a permanent seat at the table. Here are a few reasons why: 

Photo: The Real

1. The time she kept it real on where the girls really get their "street" fashion.

2. She got in the kitchen, preparing the Puerto Rican delicacy, Mofongo, for her co-hosts. 

3. One of the many times she had Tamera shook with her life lessons, this one about cheating and inviting the Sister, Sister star to her bedroom. 

4. When she had to give the lowdown on 'lame' baby daddies.

5. When there was out-of-pocket talk about Nicki Minaj and she swooped in on the defense. 

6. "Me being the sex expect I am…I can take you to church and take you to sex." 

7. Also…we just need an assortment of Tamera gifs after her reactions to what Joesline says.

Photo: Giphy

All in all, with the absence of Tamar, the Puerto Rican Princess brings a fun, vibrant feel to the show that cannot be denied. Who do we need to petition to run her a check and get her on here, full-time.Photo: Giphy