City Girls rapper JT dropped a noteworthy bar related to the transgender community on her solo single, “No Bars,” released in July.

“Pretty like a transgender,” the Miami native said on her track.

Speculation was that she may have targeted the community with malignant intent.

However, she elaborated on her stance after being asked about the line during a recent interview with Billboard

“I feel like transgenders are so pretty,” she said, “They always fixed; they look good. I know a few personally. I call them all the time and ask them for, you know, little tricks and trades. They the girls.”

Amid the onset of the track’s introduction to the world, she received backlash from some fans.

Moreover, she doubled down on her positive sentiments and genuine support during an August interview with Genius

“I just wanted to, out loud, give transgender women their flowers. Like they titties be sittin’ up. Their faces are beautiful. The makeup ideas and how hard they go for their beauty, you know? I love it.” 

Despite all her redemptive efforts, some people still took offense at her thought process.

X (formerly Twitter) user @sinningcouture tweeted in response to the Billboard interview video, “I just feel like this is such a commercialized response. “Transgenders” who exactly are you speaking about here? “Women who are trans..” would be the better language to use. Idk— something about this just be feeling so disingenuous— cis women like this care more about how they “benefit” from trans women than the actual livelihoods of “the girls” they’re intrigued by but let me go.”

On Oct. 20, City Girls dropped their third album, RAW, which included “No Bars” and the track “Flashy,” featuring transgender singer Kim Petras, released the same day. 

JT shared her mindset on the collaboration during the Billboard interview. 

“We were looking for somebody who was going to sound good on the record. And Kim Petras, I think that she’s dope and she sounds great.”