Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard’s Owen Grady and Clare Dearing are back for their third film in the Jurassic World franchise. As the franchise continues on, Owen and Clare continue to have growth of their own, both by themselves and within their dynamic. There is also the parental aspect that they have in this film as well.


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“It was really important to both of us that the characters be in this relationship that the relationship evolves,” Pratt said in a recent interview with Shadow and Act. “We didn’t want to just continue hitting that same beat from the first movie of this sort of sexual tension, [and the] will they/won’t they [of] a contentious, romantic relationship. So it’s always evolved in from the first movie to the second movie, and now the second movie to this movie. We are a solid unit as a relationship there’s no question of whether will they or won’t they. We now have a child that we’re taking care of. So our relationship is important to us, not just because of romance, but also because of obligations bigger than ourselves and our duty to a purpose larger than just wanting to kiss.”

Howard added, “When you first meet Claire, for an example, she’s a C-level executive, she’s completely focused on corporate interests. She’s almost like a villain and very, very, very self-centered. The Claire that you meet in Dominion has definitely been through a lot and definitely grown a lot. She’s in a place, along with Owen, where they are parents, and the responsibility of being a parent is to put someone ahead of yourself. It’s the embodiment of selflessness, or it’s at least meant to be– or closest we’ll all experience as human beings what it is to be selfless. So I think that journey has been a really powerful one, a really distinct one, and a very organic one, [as far as] the way in which we got to that place. I mean, the Claire you see in the third movie, she’s unrecognizable when you compare her to at the beginning of the first film…but you can also see how she might have gotten there. And that was really, Colin [Trevorrow, director] him wanting to arc the character like that.”

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