Chicago Bears quarterback Justin Fields, who became the first NFL quarterback to rush for 140 yards in consecutive games and the first in the Super Bowl era to have multiple rushing touchdowns of over 60 yards, just signed a major deal with Reebok.

“Qualities like his energy and bold risk-taking mentality have always stood out to us,” Reebok CEO Todd Krinsky said, Complex reported. “On the field, Justin is doing things differently and redefining the role of quarterback. Similarly, we like to think of ourselves as a brand who is doing things differently, zigging where other brands are zagging.”

Initially reported by Bears beat reporter Daniel Greenberg in June, the partnership signifies Reebok’s initiative toward re-entering team sports and bolstering its fleet of athlete advocates.

“Reebok’s re-emergence in team sports is a massive investment for the brand and has been something we immediately wanted to get to work on once we were purchased by Authentic Brands Group,” Krinsky said, according to Complex. “It’s something we’ve wanted to do as a brand for a long time, and now under new ownership, are finally given the runway to be able to make a serious play at it.”

While Reebok just signed Fields, he’s always liked the brand.

“I grew up watching the NFL, so just seeing them in the league and kind of being the brand of the NFL back then was definitely cool to see,” Complex reported Fields said. “Definitely used to rock Reebok back in the day, I would say since five or six years old, so pretty young age.”

In an interview with Hypebeast, Fields remarked, “Most guys will sign with Nike, Adidas or Jordan Brand coming out of college, but when I declared for the draft I decided I didn’t want to. I felt like that was what everyone else was doing, and I wanted to take my own path. I didn’t sign any athletic brand endorsement deal during my rookie season, but Reebok and I had mutual interest because we both take risks and do things our own way. We started talking organically, then they put together an official presentation for me. I saw how dedicated they were in wanting to be great, and it was inspiring, so I signed on.”

Since 2012, the last year Reebook was the NFL’s official apparel licensee, the brand has become a bit estranged from the world of team sports but plans on returning with this partnership. Considering his feelings about the creative direction and the collaboration in general, Fields has a penchant for reading energy and feels good about it.

“One thing about me as a person, I’m a good people reader,” Fields said. “So when I was talking to them, communicating with them, I can feel how committed they were getting back into the sports world, getting back into the football world.”