Kai Cenat and IShowSpeed are collaborating on a new livestream show that will air exclusively on the video-sharing platform Rumble.

The Kai ‘N Speed Show will debut on May 26 and stream three times a month. In an action-packed trailer, the streamers try different activities such as cooking, boxing, horseback riding and playing video games. In addition, the duo may try out other challenges during their livestream episodes.

“We are very excited to partner with Rumble on this show,” IShowSpeed said in a press release. “We know our fans are going to love what we have in the works, a few surprises, plus it’s always a crazy time when me and Kai are together.”

The announcement comes after Kai Cenat and IShowSpeed were banned from Twitch for content violations. Signing a new deal with Rumble will allow them to forgo censorship that is present on most video-sharing platforms.

“Being able to have full creative control was important for us,” Kai Cenat said. “I’m grateful that we get to do what we always do and combine audiences on a new level with Rumble.”

Rumble is an “independent infrastructure designed to be immune to cancel culture.” Its goal is to make the internet “free and open once again.”

“This is a historic moment. Something that was nearly impossible a year ago is now a reality today. As we look ahead to expand our audience and content offerings, Rumble is excited to have two of the top content creators on our platform,” Rumble Chair and CEO Chris Pavlovski said. “Both Speed and Kai have done something that could change the landscape of the internet forever and we’re looking forward to what’s to come of this partnership.”

Rumble has recently signed deals for exclusive shows with other personalities. In September 2022, The Independent reported the company announced a show with Russell Brand after he was censored on YouTube for spreading misinformation related to Covid-19.

Later in the year, Rumble signed a $9 million deal with Andrew Tate after being banned from TikTok and YouTube. In December of that year, Tate was arrested in Romania for alleged sex trafficking and rape.