Twitter has dug up a vintage clip of Kamala Harris discussing Lil' Kim’s perjury case in 2006.

The video is a segment from Lil' Kim: Countdown to Lockdown, a BET documentary about the two weeks leading up to Kim’s incarceration for lying about a shooting involving her friends. It was unearthed by a Twitter user on Thursday afternoon.

During her part, Harris, whose name was spelled incorrectly by the network, talks about how street code conflicts with the law. She was a district attorney in California at the time.

“It is much more serious than what is the code among friends and on the streets,” she said. “What I would like to see [when] we handle cases like this is we say as a community that we’re not going to glorify the gangster.”

The video drew amusing reactions. Some believe it is proof she is more loyal to the system than Black folks.

A Lil' Kim stan account pointed out Harris had nothing to do with the “Jump Off” rapper’s case and provided receipts from The New York Times.

When all else fails, pull the receipts.