Kandi Burruss’ husband Todd Tucker is giving her some high praise as far as her status on the show–saying that it is her show.

Burruss is the longest-standing current cast member on The Real Housewives of Atlanta, having been on the show as a housewife since season 2. While Burruss isn’t always at the forefront of the drama, she is a fan favorite.

Her role on the show and her impact outside of the show makes her husband believe that she’s the true star of the reality series. 

Todd Tucker says Burruss is the queen of the show

Burruss is a major center of the drama this season, with co-stars like Marlo Hampton and Sheree Whitfield bringing up rumors of her marriage and sex life. When asked how he feels about people speaking negatively about his wife, Tucker says he’s not surprised because of his wife’s platform.

“When they talk about you I’m like, – you’re the Queen,” he told her on a recent episode of Speak On It to Burruss’ surprise. They have to go for the throne. Like, this is your show. I don’t care what nobody say, it’s yours, it’s been yours, and you’ve been on it the longest. You’ve used the platform for what it’s for and people see that and they want that.”

He says it’s due to Burruss’ status and continued success both on and off the show, which he says makes her a target for the other women on the show to constantly come for. “When you pop’n, when you crack’n – people got sh*t to say. It’s some natural haters on your show and they’re going to naturally hate you.” 

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