Apparently Kanye West directed a short film, an "art film" is how it's being described, titled titled Cruel Summer.

The so-called "immersive seven-screen experience,inspired by the G.O.O.D. Music album Cruel Summer, will premiere at Cannes (though it's not in the festival's lineup) on May 23.

According to the press release, it's "a fusion of short film and art installation… unlike anything West has attempted before…," and it'll remain open to the public for two days after its premiere.

So yes, unlike most of the Cannes Film Festival's offerings, regular old folk can see this one, and it's free.

So if you just happen to be in the South Of France right now (and aren't we all) and you're interested in seeing the film, click HERE to register for free tickets.

The above image is of the "seven-screen experience."