In a few weeks, the 22nd annual Pan-African Film Festival in Los Angeles, taking place Feb. 6-17 2014, will announce their
highly anticipated selections for next year’s festival.

But we already know what one of the films to be screened
at the upcoming event will be.

Writer/director Katherine
feature film, For The Cause,
will make its West Coast premiere at the festival after world premiering this past summer at the Black Harvest
Film Festival in Chicago.

Starring Charlette
, Shariba Rivers and Eugene
 in the leads, the dramatic feature film deals with Mirai Scott
(Speigner), “a civil rights attorney Mirai Scott (played by Speigner 0 who is
contacted by her father (Parker), a former Black Panther who went underground
30 years ago to escape a murder charge and who urges her to take his case.

At first, “Mirai is hesitant to defend a man she
doesn’t know.  However, her passion for
justice and curiosity about her father take over, and she commits herself to
his defense, despite warnings from her boyfriend and her mother (Rivers).
However Mirai’s attempt to win her father’s freedom uncovers painful and
dangerous secrets from her parents’ past.

Here’s the trailer: