The internet is buzzing over a resurfaced interview in which Katt Williams is came for Eddie Murphy’s comedic crown.

According to Rolling Out, Williams talked about Murphy’s comedic talents, saying that Murphy hasn’t performed in over 30 years.

“Don’t tell me Eddie Murphy is your favorite comedian because Eddie Murphy hasn’t done comedy since the ’80s. It just doesn’t make sense,” he said in an interview earlier this year with Big Tigger. “…It’s about how much [of] the body of work you can put out. So, nobody knows [the guy] who was beefing with Mozart, because the guy beefing with Mozart didn’t put up any material, you know what I mean? That’s why history takes care of all that.”

Williams said believes he doesn't get the recognition he deserves because of his "old-school" nature.

“Because the guy you’re saying is crazy and maybe a crackhead has outworked you ever second that he has been a peer of yours. You probably have one comedy special; he has 10. The greats you talk about probably have two and he has 10. This is 16 100-city tours,” he said. “I’m also old-school, so I don’t consider everyone whose funny a comedian. So somebody would have Jim Carrey as their top five comedians, but they’ve never seen him do stand-up.”

Though he said this about Murphy, a few years ago, Williams uplifted Dave Chappelle and Chris Rock’s credibility by saying that they are funnier than him.

“I’ve never been the funniest person on the planet at any point. It doesn’t matter if people have a different opinion, it doesn’t matter if my fans think differently…But now Dave Chappelle has always been funnier than me. Chris Rock has always been funnier than me. I’ve always been aware of who was funnier than me.”

Williams also made news in June 2021 for claiming that Cedric the Entertainer stole one of his jokes and used it in his infamous Kings of Comedy set. Cedric the Entertainer denies the accusation, saying the joke he made was one he’d used years before he knew of Williams doing comedy.

Watch a 2014 interview of Williams talking about Chappelle below: