Food critic and martial artist Keith Lee’s reviews of several Atlanta restaurants have sparked debate among Atlanta natives about the city’s dining scene and culture. According to Complex, Lee was perplexed by the way many restaurants function in the Georgia city (how meals are ordered, restaurant hours, etc.), noticing that they follow their own unique rules that non-natives aren’t aware of.

One restaurant in particular, The Real Milk & Honey, rubbed Lee the wrong way. In his review, the critic shared that he couldn’t make a call to order from the restaurant, nor could he make an order on DoorDash. When his family tried to walk into the restaurant to try out the food, they were told the venue was closed for deep cleaning, even though customers were still going inside and getting something to eat.


The Real Milk & Honey taste test 💕 would you try it ? 💕 #foodcritic

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Lee also reviewed other Atlanta hotspots like Lil Baby’s The Seafood MenuJuci Jerk and Atlanta Breakfast Club, many of which employed restaurant rules that appear to be unique to Atlanta. Soon, viewers on social media turned to X, formerly known as Twitter, to determine what the deal is with Atlanta’s restaurant scene.

“Keith Lee is exposing something we’ve known for years: many Atlanta restaurants of a certain demographic have SERIOUS customer service issues. The only options are good or godawful, and don’t let a celebrity come in, the management turns into groupies,” one user wrote.



“Keith Lee went to Chicago Detroit, Los Angeles and New Orleans with no problem finding places to eat and review most being Black owned. Some he liked others not so much but no issues. He had no issue until he got to Atlanta. Atlanta is the problem,” another echoed.

Others poked fun at Lee’s criticism of Atlanta restaurants.

Some chose to amplify the positive feedback Lee gave a few establishment in the Southern hub.

“Yall Keith Lee wasn’t wrong, this is some of the best Jamaican food I’ve ever had in Atlanta 😭😭😭,” a fan tweeted.

And another pointed out that Lee wasn’t reviewing Atlanta’s best spots.

“Keith Lee Came To Atlanta & Had The Perfect Chance To Go To Rahim’s On Campbellton, Big Daddy’s On The Nat, The Beautiful On Cascade, Or Mr. Everything But Y’all Suggested Milk&Honey and OLG….. 🙄😒,” a viewer pointed out.

Lee’s restaurant reviews started going viral in 2022. Since then, he’s raked up millions of views and followers, and has become one of the most recognizable content creators on social media. Of his rise to fame, the critic told that its the diversity of his reviews that keep people hooked.

“It took two years to get to 1.6 million. It took three months to get to 11 million and within those three months, I started doing full reviews every day,” Lee told “I’m a foodie. I think I brought back natural foodies in the space of food critics. Most of the critics are polished and they only go to certain restaurants and they go to certain spots. They only stay in a certain niche.”