Have you been looking at Keke Palmer‘s Instagram lately and wondering if she’s in a girl group?

Now we know the truth! She has joined forces DivaGurl, a girl group that she is working with, to release a new song, titled “S.O.B.” In an interview with People, Palmer praised DivaGurl members Sadé, LaShay and Monét while discussing the project and being drawn to them after hearing their album.

“I heard a few songs from the DivaGurl album, and I fell in love,” Palmer told People. “I was so impressed that I asked them to open for me on tour, and we even documented it for my network KeyTV.”

On June 18, Palmer teased the video for “S.O.B.” via Instagram.

“DivaGurl, we represent all the different stages of a diva. I’m the sultry, as you can see. Sadé is the boss,” Palmer said in the clip. “Obviously, LaShay is the one with the pizazz. She got that swag. “I would say that Monét is perceived innocence.”

In this case, “S.O.B.” is an acronym for  “stand on business.”

“How can you say that you love me/ When you don’t know me yet/ That’s just the price, and I paid it / For me being that b***h,” Palmer sings in the opening verse.

“S.O.B,” DivaGurl’s debut single, is partially released through Palmer’s record label, Big Bosses Entertainment. Palmer launched the label in 2023.

When she spoke with People in 2023, Palmer said she launched an independent label after running into conflicts with major recording companies throughout the years.

“I really spent a lot of those years figuring out what went wrong or why things weren’t connecting for me as an artist,” Palmer said at the time.

With her own company, Palmer can now tell her story how she wants.

“I think with labels, there isn’t any artist development. A lot of times they’ll try stuff to throw stuff out, then it doesn’t work and it’s your fault,” she said. “They don’t really support the artists in being able to discover how to share their voice, how to tell their story.”

Check out the music video, directed by Bille Woodruff, below!