“Amor Prohibido” is one of Selena Quintanilla‘s most adored songs. Multi-hyphenate talent Keke Palmer tackled a rendition of the song, which impressed fans of the Tejano singer.

Palmer has reportedly covered the song a few times, most notably while interviewing Jennifer Lopez on ABC’s Strahan, Sara and Keke. The Selena star and the 30-year-old duetted the 1994 hit, and the moment quickly went viral.

More recently, TikToker @martyal1 captured Palmer singing an “Amor Prohibdo” snippet while on her Big Boss Tour, which ended in September, later shared on X, formerly Twitter.

Alongside Palmer paying tribute to the singer, fans resurfaced a decade-old video of the singer singing Quintanilla’s song. It went viral, with tons of Quintanilla’s fans praising the True Jackson VP alum’s vocals.

User @aaliyah4_life22 tweeted, “Ima need some more Selena covers from Mrs. Keke Palmer cause the way she ate this up??”

Another fan shared another video of Palmer singing the song, this time with fellow Disney alum Adrienne Bailon.

“KeKe Palmer is so talented. How she just going to go in on a Selena song like this? YES! 💃🏽,” @BrianMcLight wrote.

One fan posted a quote of Palmer’s explaining why she’s a fan of Quintanilla.

“‘she has always been the kind of entertainer i wanted to be because she stood for something. she wasn’t trying to fit in any lane but her own and that’s why she remains’ — keke palmer on selena,” @CAPTIVEHEART shared.

What do you think of Keke’s rendition?