Kelis‘ plan to have fun in the snow with her children turned into a night they’ll likely never forget.

While braving the snowstorm with her three children in California over the weekend, the “Milkshake” singer’s car got stuck in a ditch on their way to Big Bear Lake in San Bernardino County.

In a video posted on Instagram, Kelis shared that she planned on enjoying the snow with her children before her car “almost fell off a cliff.”

“My plan was to take the kids to the snow, but we almost fell off a cliff ! So make the best of what ya got , n always be prepared lol #bigbear #blizzard #snowstorm #rescue #fashion #grateful”


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Fortunately, Kelis and her children exited the car safely and were warmly dressed as they waited for a tow truck.

“We’ve been outside for a while, but we had all this snowboarding gear,” she said in the video. “So God is good. And I figured if you’re going to be in the situation, you should at least look your best. So I’m wearing layers to keep warm.”

Kelis added that she and 13-year-old Knight, 7-year-old Shepherd and 2-year-old Galilee were making the best out of being stuck in a snowstorm.

“I’ve got my light on, thank God, because it’s pitch black out here,” she continued. “Silver boots, little reflective action. You know, things could be worse. This is ridiculous. Rescue fashion! This is rescue fashion. See? Always be prepared.”


After Kelis shared the video, fans flooded the comment section, expressing relief that the singer and her little ones were safe.

“Omg thank goodness yall are ok,” one person wrote.

“Kelis I’m happy to here you and your family are safe. Now stay in the house out of that snow!” another commented.

Some even applauded Kelis for looking on the bright side of this scary situation.

“Omg …. Not you almost falling off a cliff in style 😂 it’s not even funny but I’m glad your smiling and making light of a scary situation. I hope the kids aren’t too shaken up. I would have been a nervous wreck,” a user penned.

“As long as yall are safe that situation could’ve turned out worse,” someone else mentioned. “Making the best out of a bad situation is always interesting.”