During a panel discussion at the Austin Convention Center for SXSW, Kelly Rowland had a word on her spirit.

She was there to promote her new music mentorship television show Chasing Destiny, but the conversation took a turn and she spoke very passionately about her belief in the need for more darker skinned black women to serve as role models for young women

A young woman in the audience asked her a question about how to help her sister, who had been rejected by a boyfriend that told her, "“You’d be prettier if you were lighter.” Rowland said, “It’s just a trip to me. One of the things I looked for [in the new girl group] first was chocolate girls because I feel it’s so necessary for my niece, my unborn kid, she has to see more chocolate women...I want to be part of a change in that.” The premise of Chasing Destiny is not a new one, hints of Diddy's Making the Band are in its genetic make up, but Kelly Rowland's purpose for the show seems to be rooted in just a bit more than hit records and personal cheesecake couriers. The show has 10 parts, over which Kelly will assemble a girl group, and she's made it clear that this is not the traditional talent show model, with rounds, eliminations, or any of the usual antics used as devices to boost the ratings

The show will air on BET with a premiere date of April 5th. Rowland believes that this series will fill a void that's been present in music for some time with the lack of girl groups represented in the mainstream and on the charts -- citing that there are only two prominent groups out right now, Fifth Harmony and Little Mix. She said, "Two girl groups? Get outta here. That is not enough...“There’s nothing wrong with selfies and solos but it’s time for another generation to see female camaraderie and people coming together.”

What do you think about Kelly's call for more dark skinned women role models and her new show Chasing Destiny? Let us know in the comments.

Photo: Giphy
Photo: Giphy

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