nullKenneth Nkosi (Tsotsi, White Wedding) stars in the newest Leon Schuster comedy film, Mad Buddies, which opened in South Africa last month.

Here's the synopsis for Mad Buddies:

Sworn enemies, Boetie (Schuster) and Beast (Nkosi), are forced to embark on a road trip as unwitting subjects of a new TV reality show. On camera, with the whole of South Africa in on the joke, the pair comes unstuck at every stage of the journey until they discover that they have been conned and join forces to exact revenge.

It's only been in SA theaters for about two weeks and, from what I gather from numerous on-line reviews, the general reaction to this over-the-top comedy is decidedly mixed.  Some have praised its joke-a-minute feel, while others have labled its slapstick style as "terrible".

Until Mad Buddies gets a U.S. (or DVD) release, I won't be able to tell you what I personally think of it.

But I'd like to hear from S&A's readers in South Africa– what did you think of Mad Buddies?