Update (July 10, 2020):  Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron continues to face withering criticism for trying to do everything except handle Breonna Taylor’s tragic case. 

He’s now found his latest diversion: suing the state’s governor over a recent mask mandate designed to protect Kentucky’s citizens, WLKY reported.

On Friday, Cameron filed a motion against governor Andy Beshear’s decision to make masks mandatory inside public places statewide and in places where social distancing is not possible, according to local news outlet WLKY. 

Kentucky tallied 426 positive coronavirus cases on Friday and has seen a spike in recent weeks as dozens of states struggle to control localized COVID-19 outbreaks. Nearly 19,000 people have tested positive for coronavirus so far and 620 people have died since the pandemic began, with another eight people dying on Friday. 

In a statement to WKYT, Cameron said he was suing the state over the mask mandate not because he thought masks should be worn but because he wanted the executive order “follow state law.”

“Today, our office is filing a motion in Scott Circuit Court asking the Judge to consider whether Governor Beshear’s most recent executive order requiring face coverings complies with the current temporary restraining order stopping enforcement of COVID-19 executive orders that are not in compliance with state law,” Cameron said.

“To be clear, the request we are making to the court today is not about whether or not it is appropriate to wear a mask. It is my belief that masks are an important tool in fighting this pandemic. It is, however, about determining if the Governor’s executive order mandating mask use follows state law. As the chief law officer for the Commonwealth, it is my duty to raise this question before the court and ensure that the law is followed,” he added.

Cameron and Beshear have spent weeks going back and forth over the legality of executive orders the governor has been signing to keep the state’s coronavirus numbers low. It is unclear if the mask mandate went into effect at 5pm on Friday, but governor Beshear told a press conference that he had no choice but to pass the rules. 

"This is dangerous and devastating and for a court to say, 'I guess I just don't believe that the virus exists and you don't have to do anything,' no social distancing, nothing else, is absolutely irresponsible," he said

"We've got to move past it, I'm going to continue to do what it takes. (Cameron) put in that order today, we're doing the mask mandate today. We'll beat him in court and just because the circuit judge there, I guess, thinks he's an epidemiologist and we don't need any types of restrictions, I know that's not the case," Beshear said.

Cameron, who was endorsed for the attorney general position by President Donald Trump, paid a visit to the White House on June 8 for a discussion surrounding police-community relations reports WBKO. In Cameron's statement which followed the event, he did not mention Taylor once. 

Visit ForBreonna.com to demand justice for Taylor. 

Original (June 30, 2020): Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron is being blasted for focusing his attention on all things except Breonna Taylor.

Rather than offering transparency on where the Taylor case stands and taking swift action, like authorities involved in the cases of Rayshard Brooks and George Floyd, Cameron took to Twitter on June 20 to proudly share his efforts in helping a football association get their players back on the field safely amid coronavirus concerns.