Kenya Moore was a standout during her tenure on Dancing With the Stars. The Real Housewives of Atlanta star may have received low scores from judges, which fans felt was unjust, but she had Twitter giving her kudos on a weekly basis. Though she didn’t take home the golden trophy, she says the experience changed her life.

She says the experience helped her in the midst of a brutal divorce

Moore recently appeared on The Real to promote the 14th season of RHOA. While there, Loni Love chatted with the former Miss USA about her time on the dance competition show. 

Moore says she was “elated” when she got the call to do the show because she wasn’t in the best mental state while going through divorce proceedings with Marc Daly. “[It] came right on time because I was so down on myself,” she said. “[I was] just trying to figure out how to be a single mom; how to take care of my business.” 

She says it was the perfect opportunity for her to reinvent herself and her persona outside of RHOA. Moore also credits her partner Brandon for helping her, calling him a little brother.

Moore also credits her partner Brandon for helping her, calling him a little brother. “I felt free, like, this is who I am. I’m just going to take off all the layers and let people see who I am, and it was just so liberating, and it felt so good being there.”

She continued: “You know, it just took me out of this really dark place, and it just made me feel alive again, like valuable again, where people can see me because I wasn’t seen in my marriage, and I had this wonderful partner who just made me feel great to just be there every day.” 

Moore is still going through divorce proceedings. The former couple are trying to come to a financial settlement as there was no prenuptial agreement.

Watch the interview below: