Like a thief in the night, Khloe Kardashian is being accused of stealing designs from designer Destiney Bleu. While Bleu's name may not cause as much commotion as a Kardashian's, believe us when we say that she's no amateur. Her work has been seen on some of your favorite celebrities including Beyoncé, Serena Williams, Shania Twain, and even Jamie Foxx. It's been worn on shows like Empire, The Get Down and Power. With heavy hitters such as these purchasing from Bleu's specialty bedazzling line, it's not really a surprise that the Kardashians would jump on the wave as well. However, apparently, Khloe Kardashians intent with purchase was to take bones from the underdog.

That's what Destiny Bleu is alleging. On Friday, Destiney responded to Khloe's "Good American" denim brand promo video with the accusations.  

She went on to fire off a few more tweets in detail about her accusations.

She added "Dazzle is my livelihood. I pay 3 rents, 5 employees & handmake everything. I did it w/no investment or guidance, I’ll always fight for this.”

The denim brand quickly shot down these allegations first posting three images in a row on their Instagram account of Cher, Diana Ross, and Britney Spears all wearing sheer, glittery bodysuits, writing in the first caption, “Important to know your fashion history #nofrauds.” However, the girls still weren't buying it. They went on to release a statement saying:

"Under no circumstances did Good American or Khloe Kardashian infringe on another brand’s intellectual property," they wrote. They added that they are "going through the proper legal channels to handle the situation."

While the jury is still out, take a look at Destiney's Instagram, view her work, and compare pieces to the ones shown in Khloe's promo video. 

Photo: Cosmopolitan 

They are very similar. 

Photo: Giphy

What do y'all think? Did Khloe steal her designs?