nullJust a friendly reminder… this is a project whose script I’ve read, and I’m definitely excited about, from a filmmaker whose work I’ve championed on this blog in the past. So, if you’re one of those who frequently laments the lack of gravity and originality in black cinema (and that’s a lot of you, given many of your comments), this is a project you should consider contributing to.

I’ll be brief, in the interest of time, and also given that this is a project I’ve touted on this blog a number of times in recent months, and simply *hand the mic* over to the filmmaker to speak directly to you (via the project’s Kickstarter page, I should note).

Numa Perrier, whose name I’m sure many of you are very familiar with (see Black&SexyTV to start), is now starring in the project (previously, "Newlyweeds" co-star Trae Harris was attached) from Dennis Leroy Kangalee ("As an Act of Protest"), titled "Octavia: Elegy for a Vampire."

I profiled the project and filmmaker a few months ago; catch up here, so that I don’t have to rehash that somewhat lengthy piece.


The official description for "Octavia: Elegy for a Vampire" reads: "’Octavia: Elegy for a Vampire (or Endless Shards of Jazz for a Brutal World),’ is film about a 150 year-old black vampire whose suicidal urges, a result of the apathy in the world, have prompted her to find someone who will help her die. Part poem, rock opera, a Brechtian play — this is not a traditional horror/vampire genre film as there is no exploitative nudity or violence. The horror is symbolic and representative of the world’s spiritual paralysis. This is a cubistic portrait of a woman trying to come to terms with the perennial problems of racism, misogyny, apathy, and the startling lack of consciousness in the world. Throughout her spiritual journey, we see various chapters and aspects of her life as an activist, punk rocker, and cleaning woman. This film will be a meditation on colonization and lost love among the malaise of our times and will be highly experimental, formally, more akin to the work of Bill Gunn and Nicolas Roeg and will require extremely disciplined and intellectually adventurous participants."
A Kickstarter campaign to raise $25,000 has been launched, with a January 17, 2015 deadline.

You’ll find lots of information about the project on its Kickstarter page here (or click within the widget at the bottom of this post), read/watch all that is presented to you, and hopefully, you’ll be encouraged to make a contribution.

A teaser is also included, which I’ve embedded below. 

You can also stay updated via the film’s various social networking accounts:






Teaser follows. Widget that will take you to the project’s Kickstarter page where you can read even more about the project – including who else is involved, in front of and behind the camera – and more.