nullEver think about your feet? In particular, what they’re in
– your shoes? And what happens when they wear out and need to be fixed? You take
them to shoe repairman. But have you even stopped to think about that person?
Who is he (or she)? How did they get into that profession? How many shoes have
they repaired in their lifetime, etc? 

And when you think about that, have you considered just
how invaluable and important a shoe repairman is, not just for us individually,
but for society and business as well? How can you live every day, go to work
and deal with whatever you have to deal with on a daily basis, if your
shoes weren’t in good working order?

Well, filmmakers Duane Harper Grant and Aaron Cassara have
thought about it, with New Yorkers in their sites, specifically Manhattan-based “shoe repair genius” Lorenzo Powell, a second generation shoe
repairman who’s been running his own
business for almost 20 years, and who is considered the best repairman ever

But their film is much more about repairing shoes. It examines
how local businessmen are increasingly finding themselves fighting for survival
and “under
siege in a changing city,” and how Powell fights back and thrives, while
straying true to his craft and, in effect, becoming a true artisan whose work effects peoples’ lives every day. Or, as
Grant himself says about Powell, he “can
do things with shoes that no one else could.”

Though most of the film is already in the can, the filmmakers
have established a Kickstarter campaign to raise another $6,000 in less then 30 days, to do some additional shooting, and for
some post-production work

You can go the project’s Kickstarter page HERE where you’ll find an introductory video featuring Clark discussing the film and it’s background.

Below is a new trailer for the film featuring show business legend Billie Allen