The documentary Elder’s Corner is created by SIJI, a singer, songwriter, producer and filmmaker born in the UK to Nigerian parents. The project, shot in some of Nigeria’s urban cities, has raised $5,380 from their $20,000 with 31 days left to go.


Elder’s Corner is musical journey through pivotal moments in the colorful history of Nigeria as told through the lives and careers of the nations foremost music legends. It is a story about the eroding effects of colonialism, bitter ethnic clashes, politics, oil, power, money and their combined effects on a nation that recently celebrated its 50th year of self rule.

From the Kickstarter page:

Shot against the colorful and gritty backdrop of some of Nigeria’s urban cities particularly Lagos and through the clever use of extensive in depth interviews, archival footage and still photographs, Elder’s Corner will take viewers on a musical journey through the country’s turbulent and colorful history. It will chronicle and showcase the lives and work of some of the leading exponents of the various musical movements that spawned Afrobeat, Juju, Apala, Highlife and Fuji music.

I’m definitely curious; make sure you visit the page if you’re interested in supporting.

Take a look at the preview below.