Georgia born and raised, but now based in Los Angeles, filmmakers Joseph and his twin
brother Joel Harold, like so many before them, made the move out west a year ago
to make it big and to make an impact in the film industry.

But they were well aware of the fact that “no
one is going to hand you an opportunity, so you have to create one yourself.

However, they admittedly made a miscalculation and decided
that the way to achieve their goal was first to make “the scene”, as they call
it, by hanging out “with powerful black active
” with the belief
that, if they hung around these guys, they would give them an opportunity to
share their ideas. However they now realize “boy were we wrong.

Therefore, the brothers got together and decided that they
were on their own and created their first web series, The Cost of Living, which got almost close to a million viewers. But
the lack of funds prevented them from making any more episodes after the third one.

But that didn’t stop them, and now they have created a new
series, Living With Uncle Charlie, which is actually based on real experiences involving their real life family.

They pitched the
idea to anyone famous (and even just barely famous) that they knew or could
approach in the business: “We
pitched this idea to almost everyone pulled out their own all our contacts and still
no one wanted to make this project happen.

So they dug deep into their pockets and financed the pilot
wepisode themselves, but now have turned to crowd fundraising sources, such as Kickstarer, to raise the money to make future episodes.

To contribute to their Kickstarter campaign, go HERE.

Click HERE to check out their website.

Watch the pilot episode below: