Like most people who are fairly aware of what's happening in this country, and around the world, I've had my fill of depressing news. Whether it's the proposed policies put forth by the Trump administration, the continued lack of accountability for the senseless slaughtering of black men, or the recent bombing in Manchester, there's an influx of bad news surrounding us. We all just need a "feel good" break.

Kimberly Wimbish came through for us in a heartwarming video that is making the rounds on the internet. When the special education teacher rolled up on her student, Jamias Howard to surprise him with his graduation cap and gown, the interaction is enough to restore your faith in humanity. 

In just forty-three seconds, Wimbush and Howard remind us of the importance of creating our own good within our personal realm of influence.  Now, go out and make someone smile today!

                                                                    Photo: Giphy