“To me you are a n*gg*r. That’s it.”  This is the response that Univision Nightly Newscast anchor, Ilia Calderón received while interviewing Chris Baker member of the KKK chapter in Yanceyville, NC. The Afro-Columbian reporter replied to the klansman saying, "I find that offensive.” The white supremacist then abruptly ended the interview. “At that moment, I felt scared and unsafe,” Calderón said according to a translation provided by Latino Rebels. “I knew they were going to disrespect me but I never imagined the level…” María Martínez Guzman, vice president of news at Univision said, “I have never seen someone looking at a person [Calderon] with so much hate and resentment.”

Calderon, the “first black person” ever allowed on Baker’s property, was encouraged by Guzmán to remain safely inside the vehicle while the production crew filmed inside. Prior to the intense incident, Calderón expressed that she was mentally preparing for possible racial tension. 

The interview is scheduled to broadcast on Sunday, August 20. Watch the preview here: