There is only one thing a woman wants to hear when she wears a new weave, wig or any type of hair extensions.

‘Is that all your own hair?’

Obviously, this only applies if you’re going for a natural look and not the crazy coloured wigs Nicki used to sport, or the weave nearly to your knees that Ciara has made her trademark hairstyle of late.

So you can imagine my delight when my Kurly Klips clips in extensions were met with reactions such as: ‘Your hair has grown!’ ‘You make me want to go natural.’ ‘You should leave your hair out more often.’ Whether I wore the Kurly Klips in a high bun, a half up – half down style, or a classic afro shape, people thought every single strand of hair on my head belonged to me.

And while the superficial aspect of Kurly Klips deserves a 10 out of 10, the quality of hair also deserves a monumental amount of praise. The 100% human hair extensions are of great quality. They are soft and act like natural afro hair, meaning that you can produce great twist outs, and like afro hair it can become tangled, the knots are easily banished by co-washing.

Kurly Klips founder, Lana Boone modelling the My Fro collection

Kurly Klips founder, Lana Boone modelling the My Fro collection

I was given two packs of the Shoulder Chic Fro to try – each packet contains seven pieces of hair. One long weft, one medium weft and five short wefts. Kurly Klips comes in two hair types – the My Fro collection and the My Spirals collection. I choose the My Fro collection as its better suited to type 4 hair. The hair comes in quite a defined curl pattern, but blended extremely well with my own hair when it was left in a twist out. I also brushed out the clips to help the extensions blend seamlessly with my texture after a wash-n-go.  The advice given on the Kurly Klips website is to wear two full sets of hair, but I found using the two long wefts, two medium wefts and three short wefts produced my afro look, while my high bun was achieved with three short wefts.


Priced at $179, which is just under £120 – they are great value for money. For someone like myself, who is among the minority of black women who can’t cornrow, these clips are a God send as they can be inserted into your hair when its left out. Which means I don’t have to pay anyone to do my hair, I’m not spending half a day at a salon and I can wash my hair whenever I want.

Furthermore, with Kurly Klips you’re not just paying for a product, you’re paying for a service. The company produces regular YouTube videos for their official channel – which provides styling tips, tips on maintaining your Kurly Klips and highlights common mistakes customers make.

While there are many companies providing more hair extension options for women with natural tresses, Kurly Klips is without a doubt a leader in the field. From the beautiful packaging, quality tresses that allow you to create versatile styles; with the added bonus of a 24hr help service via YouTube videos – the products and the company is every naturalista’s dream.

For more information visit the Kurly Klips website.

This post was originally published on Black Ballad.

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