The series will feature Tisha Campbell, Kym Whitley and Yvette Nicole Brown have signed on to star in the upcoming comedy series, Act Your Age, from Bounce and MGM.

1. The official description for 'Act Your Age':

The multiple-camera, half-hour comedy tells the story of three vibrant, successful Washington D.C./Northern Virginia-area women in their 50’s who are each at a personal crossroads and who decide the best way forward in life is together. Whitley plays Bernadette, a successful, no-nonsense real estate developer. Campbell plays Keisha, the wild card of the group who is always up to something, and Brown plays Angela, the former First Lady of Norfolk, Virginia, who is looking to redefine her life after being widowed by her husband, a revered career politician.


2. Additionally, the sitcom stars Mariah Robinson and Nathan Anderson as Angela and Bernadette's respective 20-something children.

The sitcom was developed by Alyson Fouse (Everybody Hates Chris, The Wanda Sykes Show), who also serves as showrunner and executive producer. The show’s producers are Ken Ornstein, Bradley Gardner, Barry Poznick, and Mark Burnett.

3. “The opportunity to do ‘Act Your Age’ with Kym, Tisha and Yvette on Bounce, a network that has made me feel so comfortable being my authentic self, means the world to me,” said Fouse.

“We’ve built a world where the stories of Black women in the prime of their lives can be both funny and heartfelt; a world where individually they shine but they also show support for one another. ‘Act Your Age’ is a celebration of the Black women who have loved, raised, befriended and held me up through the years and it honors and salutes the ones who have inspired me.”


4. “Partnering with MGM Television, working with top showrunner Alyson Fouse, and attracting immensely popular and talented actors Kym Whitley, Tisha Campbell and Yvette Nicole Brown are game-changing and huge steps forward for Bounce originals,” said David Hudson, vice president of original programming, Scripps Networks.

Act Your Age’s 16-episode first season, which will air on Bounce in the spring of 2023, has started filming in Los Angeles.