Update: The bodies have been identified as Pittman and Wilder, and Garcia has been charged with their murder, WTOL reports.

Previously reported:

While searching for two missing teens in Toledo, Ohio, police were led back to the scene of a house fire that happened a month prior.

16-year-old Ke’Marion Wilder and 15-year-old Kyshawn Pittman have been missing since Dec. 3. The teens were last seen two days before the fire. According to WTOL, officials have not yet been able to identify the two bodies found at the scene.

Earlier reports state the young men had attended a party on Dec. 3. Pittman’s mother said he called and asked her to send a Lyft to pick him up from the Maumee Bay Lodge. This was the last she heard from her son. Reports state the mother that chaperoned the party told Pittman’s mother she last saw the teens when she took them to the front desk to get a ride. Pittman and Wilder were last seen alive on Dec. 3 at Maumee Bay State Park, getting into a silver SUV.

A missing person report was filed on Dec. 5.

A witness claimed to have seen Pittman later that week running down a local street with ripped black pants and black shoes before getting into a black SUV.