It was one of several projects I included on my Sundance 2012 Film Festival predictions list, although it didn't debut at that festival.

But Joshua Sanchez's indie drama titled, Four, an adaptation on an off-Broadway play by Christopher Shinn, will make its world premiere at the upcoming Los Angeles Film Festival next month.

As a quick recap…  

Wendell Pierce of The Wire fame, stars in it, alongside Yolanda Ross, relative newcomer Aja Naomi King, Emory Cohen and E.J. Bonilla.

The film's script was both a 2007 Tribeca All Access award recipient, and a 2008 No Borders Independent Film Week selection, with a synopsis that reads:

On the 4th of July in Hartford, CT, June, a 16-year-old white boy, meets up with Joe, a closeted, married black man he met on the Internet. On the same night, in the same city, the black man's 16-year-old daughter Abigayle, agrees to go out with Dexter, a white 20-year-old low-level drug dealer. In and around the city, on the American night of Independence, these 2 couples get to know each other, moving from strangers to intimates. In lonely landscapes of movie theaters, fast food restaurants, darkened churches and public parks, they discover the limits of desire and the possibilities of transcendence. Four juxtaposes the relationships of the 2 couples struggling with their desires and demons.

Wendell Pierce stars as Joe; Aja Naomi King is his daughter Abigayle; Emory Cohen is June, the teenage white boy; E.J. Bonilla plays Dexter; and Yolonda Ross plays Wendell's wife.

I imagine there will be some strong reactions to this one, even based on the synopsis alone; though, as always, seeing the film first is always recommended.

You're also encouraged to read THIS indieWIRE Profile to learn more about director Sanchez's stylistic influences and more.

And with today's news that the film will premiere at the LAFF, here are several still images from the film, above and below; no trailer yet though: