nullA new documentary, "Lakay," by Chicago-based Haitian-American filmmaker Tirf Alexius, which deals with the
recovery of Haiti after the devastating 2010 earthquake, will get a nationwide
theatrical release after it screens at the 9th Annual Harlem International
Film Festival this month.

Told from a personal POV, and starring
Alexius, along with his brother Remoh Romeo (who also produced the project with
Alexius, along with Hugh Grady and Macdanne Edmond), the documentary chronicles
what happened when the two brothers returned to Haiti to locate their loved
ones after the earthquake. However, what they found is a story of courage and resilience by the
survivors, as well as a new hope.

According to
Alexius, he wanted to make the film because: “I never thought that I would
work on a project that would put so much of myself out there. I wanted to do a
film that explored what it meant to be American as well as Haitian and not be
mutually exclusive. Haiti is more than just devastation. It has an innate
beauty, although rarely shown, and I sought to capture its vibrancy….It
captures how even in the face of tragedy we find moments of inspiration and
laughter; ways to strike a balance between suffering and joy.”

The film
is getting a nationwide theatrical release starting on October 17th, when it opens in 2 suburban Chicago area theaters – the AMC Woodfield 20
Lowes theaters in Schaumburg, and the AMC Loews Country Club Hills 16.

Then on October 24th, the film opens in New York, Atlanta and
Los Angeles, and in more cities the week after, on Oct. 31st.

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