Lakeith Stanfield has announced a surprise!

In an exclusive interview with People magazine, the actor, 31, revealed he secretly married his fiancee Kasmere Trice, 29, and the couple welcomed their first child. With two daughters from previous relationships, Stanfield described how being a parent changes you in many ways. 

“There’s life before being a parent, and then there’s life being a parent. It completely changes,” he said. 

The now-newlyweds have kept their relationship private, but their social media accounts indicated they were pretty serious for some time. 

As Blavity reported, social media users were in a frenzy after Stanfield posted a now-deleted photo of the couple in September, with Trice wearing what appeared to be an engagement ring. 

At the time, a rep for Stanfield denied claims the couple were engaged. However, in December, he officially announced their engagement on Instagram. They had a secret wedding ceremony sometime this year and became new parents to a healthy baby, whose name and gender they decided not to reveal for privacy reasons.

“We decided early on we wanted to protect our baby as much as we can for as long as possible,” Trice said of her child to the outlet.

Stanfield also chimed in, explaining they wanted to keep some information to themselves and not share everything with the public.

“Being in the public eye can be something that’s amazing, but it can also be something that is very hard on you. There needs to be things that exist that are sacred and not for consumption for everybody,” he said.

Despite keeping things private, the couple said they wanted to share their story with the world on their terms.

“We want to be the ones to tell our story. We’re bringing our family forward so we may inspire others,” they said.

They met in Canada, where Stanfield worked. He was hesitant to start a new relationship after his previous romance with ex-girlfriend and The Mindy Project actress Xosha Roquemore. However, Stanfield said it didn’t take long before he opened himself to loving again.

“I released myself to the love,” Stanfield said, adding he’s always tried to be a “support system” to his wife.

Trice said she admired Stanfield’s relationship with his daughters and how it shaped her future as a first-time mom.

“I’m really honored that I got to see the father in [him] before I was even having our baby,” she said.

Stanfield experienced baby mama drama with artist Tylor Hurd and their daughter, Apollo Stanfield, earlier this year. According to Page Six, Hurd shared a series of photos and videos to her Instagram account since Stanfield’s engagement announcement.

Social media users accused her of being jealous of the couple’s engagement. However, Hurd dismissed those claims. The artist said she was “upset” Stanfield spent more time with Trice than their daughter.

“What I’m upset about is that he made more time to spend with this woman than he’s spent with Apollo her whole life and has been actively ignoring me when I’m trying to figure things out for our child,” she wrote in an Instagram Story, per Page Six.