Former MTV VJ La La Anthony seems to be busier than ever! Between scooping up acting roles left and right, Anthony also runs her own haircare line known as Inala, cheers on her soon-to-be 17-year-old son at his basketball games and is slated to speak at the seventh annual Women in Entertainment summit later this month. That’s why the minute she feels even slightly under the weather, she reaches for Delsym, a doctor-recommended cough suppressant that provides up to 12 hours of relief.

“[Delsym] has always been a staple in my household for myself and my son, especially when a cough starts making its way around the house,” Anthony tells Blavity about her decision to partner with the brand for its “Bring Comfort Home” campaign, which aims help families navigate cold and flu season.

Photo: Delsym

She added, “I have used it for years and years. I also thought it was great to be able to share the comfort meals that I grew up with and that I still whip up for my son.”

Her go-to comfort meals? Growing up in Brooklyn, Anthony’s mother often made Puerto Rican Chicken Soup and Arroz Con Pollo, which translates into chicken with rice in Spanish, for her and her siblings.

Below, Anthony dishes on what else brings her comfort during the colder months, along with her upcoming projects like The Waterboyz film and the season 3 premiere of Starz’s BMF, which returns on March 1.

We’re not quite in spring and it’s still cold in most of the country — how do you wind down?

I love days where I can wind down, it doesn’t happen often, but days where I can just hang in the house, catch a great TV series and just be curled up on a couch with a nice cozy blanket you can never take for granted. So, especially when it’s cold outside, it’s nice to have days where you can just chill in the house and just relax.
What are your favorite comfort foods for this time of year? And what are your comfort food tips for those of us who don’t like to cook? 

Yeah, I’m right in that category! I don’t like to cook. You know, there’s nothing wrong with ordering food. And if you’re not a cook, you could still get comfort food by ordering in! I just love those homemade recipes, like my Puerto Rican Chicken Soup and my Arroz Con Pollo, and I also love bone broth. I love those comfort foods that make me feel better and make me feel relaxed.

The Waterboyz is a film that we’ve been excited about for some time — what can you tease about this upcoming movie and working with your co-stars on that? 

We had a fun time in Atlanta shooting that movie. I think that it’ll resonate with people who are familiar with water boys from places like Atlanta and Chicago. It’s a very compelling story, and I’m excited to be a part of it. Quavo is in it as well, which is exciting. So I think people will be into it. BMF is also coming back for its third season.

Your role on BMF is one that has continued to expand as time goes on — did you foresee this when you first started on the show? 

I knew that this character was important because BMF is loosely based on a true story. So I know this is an important character throughout the story. I was just happy to see the character continue to grow and also see the relationship between my character and  Da’Vinchi’s character, who’s played by Terry Flenory, grow and what that ultimately turns into. You’re still on that ride with them, and you’re still figuring out okay, where’s this gonna go? So I think it’s exciting for the audience to kind of follow their journey together.