Internet sensation-turned-actress LaLa Milan‘s family is getting bigger. The 33-year-old announced she’s pregnant with her first child.


According to Essence, Milan’s still in shock about the news.

“I’m not going to lie, I’m still in shock,” she told the outlet. “I look down at my belly like, ‘That’s crazy!'”

Milan added she’s already getting advice from mothers.

“I feel amazing. I’m so excited,” Milan said. “I’m talking to all the moms. I’m so all about kids. I already was.”


The internet sensation shared the happy news, including several snaps of her and her boyfriend, Tyler Parker (aka Tyler P. on social media), cradling her baby bump, kissing and cuddling on Instagram.

“LaLa Milan + TylerP = 3,” she wrote in the post’s caption. “We’re having a baby!!🤰🏾 There’s nothing more precious than life itself, and we’re sooo excited and blessed to be bringing a little one into this world ✨.”


Of the photos, Milan said that while she typically keeps her relationships away from the spotlight, she’s proud to display her growing family on social media.

“It’s a way of showing people I’m not hiding my love, I’m not hiding my lover or anything like that,” she said of the baby announcement photos. “My page won’t necessarily become a LaLa and Tyler P page, but at the same time, my man is present, we are a family and it’s a beautiful thing. I wanted to show the display of a healthy Black family dynamic in a maternity shoot.”

Milan and Tyler P. have “been together about a year and change,” though the actress said their history extends further back than that.

“As far as knowing each other, it’s a long story,” she shared. “We were talking and then we stopped and then we picked back up.”


The 33-year-old also opened up to Essence about her experiences with birth control and fertility.

“Listen, I tried to get on birth control multiple times,” she shared. “Each time I went to the OBGYN they had the wrong birth control. It happened three times! And by the time they got it right, they called and said, ‘We have your birth control ready.’ I said, ‘I’m pregnant.’ They were like, ‘Um, uh, uh…’ I said, ‘It’s OK. I’m excited, and I’m keeping it. Thank y’all.'”

When Milan was referred to a doctor’s office with all medical personnel of color, things shifted.

“I’ve heard so much about Black women’s struggles giving birth to the point where I was like, oh no, I don’t feel comfortable,” she said. “I’m gone. So she referred me to an office with all women of color and I’m very excited about that. All the doctors come in and they know how to pronounce my name! Everybody has natural hair. Girl, it’s so beautiful.”


Regarding how motherhood will affect her career, Milan shared she’s prepared to “defy the odds.”

“Sometimes people will slow down once a child is in the picture. That’s in my mind for whatever reason. But it’s inspired me to go even harder. If that’s what it takes for me to keep it pushing, so be it,” she said.