Lamar Odom is paying it forward to help others with their drug, alcohol, sex and other addictions by investing in three treatment centers on the West Coast.

In 2015, the former Los Angeles Lakers forward fell unconscious when he overdosed due to drug usage while having fun at the late Dennis Hof‘s Love Ranch brothel. According to TMZ, after recovering from kidney failure, heart attacks and several strokes, Odom alleged Hof plotted to kill him by drugging him because he didn’t take any drugs the night of the incident.

Since this near-death experience, the Sixth Man of the Year recipient has made significant changes to ensure he doesn’t fall victim to a similar situation. And now, he wants to help others on their recovery journey stay consistent as they hope to change their lives too.

Through his management team, K&R and Gitoni, he partnered with Christian rapper Dontae Ralston and skateboard champion Dennis Martinez to purchase three California treatment centers in San Diego, El Cajon and Lemon Grove.

“He wants to help everyone he can,” a spokesperson for Odom told TMZ. “He is thankful that he was given a second chance at his life and feels his destiny is to help others.”

Two facilities are dedicated to men, while the other focuses on women, but all will be named “Odom Wellness Treatment Centers.” The trio plans to expand to Calabasas and San Diego to continue helping others take their lives back and live healthier and reformed.

The two-time NBA Champion plans to engage with the centers’ patients and be involved in the infrastructure of their programs. His rehabilitation experience improved his life, and Omar is dedicated to providing the same for others with addictions.